Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pre and Post Christmas

A few things have been happening around here that weren't christmas. A bit of a hotch-potch but I wanted to share.

Start with the sobering. I went shopping for warm things in town on Thursday. Up around Xinjiekou there are a lot of beggars, most of them disabled. Its so fustrating to be in the worlds largest 'communist' country where there seems to be so little provision for people who can't work. The man on the floor drags himself around on a bit of cardboard as both his legs are twisted around, it was freezing and he still had no shirt. The contrast of him and the Adidas 'Impossible is Nothing' sign was fairly poignant. This is a man who knows impossible.


And a change of gear to my immense pride over my purchases. I'm loving the snood thing and my coat is amazing. Harbin here I come.

Just one of me and Bex ready for going out on Christmas Eve, it was a really good night. I'm loving high heels for a change, I never wear them back home but here they're so standard even I'm coming round to the idea.

Boxing day we went to a Tappanyaki restaurant for a mates birthday. The amount of steak we ate between us was breath taking.

And later in the night me with one of my favorite China objects, a broken Louis Vitton phone. The phone is actually built into the stand, its a bizarre thing, but I love it.


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