Friday, December 25, 2009

China Christmas

We had a pretty low key Christmas out here, lots of time spent on skype. Started off with lunch at one of my favorite places out here, noodles for 70p

Then lots of skyping, some amazing presents and The Kite Runner later we went for a set Christmas dinner...where I forgot to take any photos, except for this one of our salad starter, it was this between 3 sharing is caring and all that.

After some delicious mushroom soup the main course was steak, a square of tuna lasagne, some BBQ chicken, french fries and a dollop of mashed potato with mediterranean style vegetables. All on one plate naturally.
And apple pie to finish.
I probably couldn't have dreamt up a more fittingly Chinese take on a traditional Christmas Dinner.
It's been an alright day really. I was worried it'd all be terribly sad, being away from home for my first Christmas. As it went we had an amazing night out last night, I had a gigglesome morning, great fun opening my presents via skype and a great dinner and some more giggles. I suppose these things are what you make them. So, just a massive massive thank you to the people who sent me presents/hung out with me all day, it's been really good.


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