Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Freee Parcel

The state of my desk post free parcel emptying, it contained:
1x card
1x letter
1x T2 crossword (unfinished)
1x channel 4 3D specs
1x box of crayons
1x tag off new shoes
1x sample of red bull energy shot
1x movember moustache card
1x max factor foundation sample
1x sample of touch of coffee baileys
1x Kit Kat chunky caramel - divine
1x woolly hat off a innocent smoothie bottle
1x love spoon
1x sample of the new toblerone
1x completed scratchcard to be put back in its place in the scratchcard project
and a mirror, hairclips and necklace off tedd's mum. Lovely.

The love spoon.

Movember! (A little late, but I am in China)


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