Monday, March 1, 2010


Yes, tea, one of my favorite things ever (the kettle is boiling as I type). So imagine my excitement when I found one of the best things ever in Japan, tea! Available from vending machines! hot!
So sit back, grab a cuppa and a biccie and check out my amazing range of Japanese-straight-from-a-vending-machine-hot-tea.

I feel I should mention that in the month we were out there I did actually wear other clothes than what you see, it just so happens I'd get the tea crave when I was cold and outside. Tea makes me happy.
More blogs soon, back in the Jing now (Nan not Bei) so classes have started and that old feeling of 'My Chinese Sucks' is rearing its ugly head and prompting yet another turning of a new leaf...I've got more leaves then a bloody book...a chinese dictionary at that.



  1. i'd just like to say, hot tea from a vending machine is hardly an original concept, we have that in the UK too... i did like your tea photos though. xx

  2. I love your happy tea face! When is it going to be back in London?