Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inappropriate Animalism

Back to one of my favorite themes - 'they do things differently over here'. Todays topic being 'pets' - this is great, next time I have to do a presentation in class I can simply translate this - two pet birds and one stone and all that. But yes, yesterday my day was made immeasurably better by a lady sitting a few seats away in our lovely little posh-starbucks-esque cafe pulling a kitten out of her bag.

The kitten meowed a lot then just started roaming about, read a few books, sat on her laptop, drank some coffee. Standard cafe behaviour. Except it was a cat, you just couldn't do that in England.

Another example from a while back. Lots of people here dress their dogs up: coats, hoodies, shoes, a bumblebee costume, all sorts ( Obviously I have no photos, that would be too convenient - use your imagination). So, anyways, the next obvious step is....

Dye your dogs tail and ears, yellow and orange. I'm pretty sure this would get a lot of RSPCA attention back home - those people have no sense of humour.
I suppose my only point is that we take far too many things for granted as 'normal', when the lady pulled her kitten out of her bag to share her coffee with it was only us staring (and laughing and falling in love with the little kitty-witty). After all, it was clean, why not take it out to see stuff? Same with the dog, its only a dog, I'm presuming it was animal-friendly dyes they used, who says you can't do that sort of thing. I bet Crufts is actually riddled with dogs with dye jobs.
So again, I don't have much of a point except maybe we take ourselves and our pets a little too seriously back home.


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