Tuesday, May 18, 2010

carry on golfing

So, I recently took up golfing.

Sort of.

Me and Tedd went to the driving range just down the road and its the most bizarre place. It's found a home in Wutaishan Stadium. Built in 1952 this was one of the P.R.C's first major stadia, built to seat 18,600 people. Which is impressive. More impressive are the trees growing through the stands and the fact it's been left to go to ruin for what I can only guess has been a rather long time.

It's just rather Chinese, the whole massive stadium has been turned over to a driving range which is great fun but probably not the most efficient use of central Nanjing real estate.

Even more confusingly/Chinese-ly the steps leading up to the stadium are decorated with the Olympic rings, suggesting the Chinese had hope of getting the Olympics way back in 1952 -for those not in the know the communists 'liberated' China in 1949, so this was probably a little optimistic. So optimistic I prefer my own theory of Chinese architecture, which means they saw lots of piccies from the Olympics and presumed the 5 rings were representative of 'sports' so copied them. Just an idea.


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