Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bare things

Right, since I last posted I've been to Xi'an, Beijing, Tokyo, Hakone and am now in Kyoto.
But this shall not turn into a travelling blog of any sort. This for now is a collection of some my favourite bits.

This first one is dedicated to Vanessa:

Yes, Etam lives on. I hadn't seen one in years since the Ealing branch and the Tammy Girl attached closed down. But the apparently recession and taste proof chain charges on in Northern China - Hurrah!

And on that note, Kyoto in Japan boasts this gem...

Wehay! In case you ever wondered where the Japanese buy all their stunning and original accessories the mystery is solved. Claire's Accessories, the crafty buggers.

On a non-shop related note I've been reading a collection of Charlie Brooker's Screen Burns from the start of the noughties and his best suggestion so far? Circa Christmas 2003 he requested we all petition Lemmy from Motorhead to re-release 'Ace of Spades' so the general public could buy it into Christmas Number 1, so undermining the Popstars Christmas single...ring any bells?

And that folks is all for now, so really the title of this was a bit of a misnomer. My sincere apologies.


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